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Claiming some me time back – Play group & Prosecco book time!

So for 16 months it’s been pretty much all about Pearly whirly & recently also adding into the mix starting up my new business BITC Creative, so multitasking has certainly been turned up a notch! 

Don’t get me wrong I’ve loved all the ups, downs & madness over the last year & the Beau tries to give me a break when he can, but recently I’ve started needing & craving a little bit more me time without having to feel crossed eyed with one eye on attempting to do something & the other on our very own kamikaze pilot….

Just a few hours here & there is needed to recoup without disruption to waste time scrolling Instagram, catch up on emails & texts (sorry for my shitness at replying recently peeps) a luxury of a bath which hasn’t been weed in & preferable with a wine in hand is the pièce de résistance for my chill time!

So when I was given the opportunity to read a copy of the new book Play groups & Prosecco’, I leapt at the chance! I haven’t read anything longer than a blog, social media post or Google result for things such as how often should a toddler poo… in over 16 months & I took to it like a duck to water again! 

Having this book to read & review was a fabulous reason to force myself to just take an hour where I could to let my mind wander absorbing the diary style story, build a sense of the characters & let my imagination run as I turned each page. 

This book truly made me realise how much I missed reading! 

I loved the shear honesty & way Jo Middleton aka @slummysinglemummy approached motherhood & how she brought humour into everyday situations in life around bringing up kids, resulting in a fair few full blown nose snort laughs from me! I developed an affinity & bond with the main character, single mum Frankie & although our lifestyles are different, I could relate to many of the situations & feelings she went through. Although I’m glad to say I’ve never had a human Poo in my hand…. I’ll leave that thought just there for you!

I loved how Jo highlighted the important point that many Mums have career skills that might be temporarily diminished or buried & how important it is to help each other as Mums draw that back out if our confidence waivers, as this is a subject so close to my heart!  

I looked forward to each time I picked up this book. It was such an easy read to help me relax, often after returning blurry eyed from the typical hour long bedtime routine, with Pearl making me jump through Mummy shaped hoops. Often thinking I’ve nailed it, then low & behold she has found more spurts of energy before she finally gives in & shuts her eyes, which I know Frankie would empathise with me on, as she widely references the joys of child’s sleep habits within the books pages! 

 So without spoiling any of the story for you, I would like to pick out a few of my favourite sections which I feel sums up the fabulous tone of this new release

  • ‘Do a dance Mummy!’ she shrieked with glee. ‘Make your boobies wobble’ I refused. She looked cross….
  • Bum the potato has been going to nursery with Jess this week. He is starting to look a little sorry for himself 
  • Woke up to a washing machine full of pink school shirts. This is what happens when you do laundry drunk 
  • Sat 15th December – Jess woke me up at 5am saying she was hungry & was it Christmas yet….. I fobbed her off with my phone & a couple of Hobnobs from the stash I keep in my bedside table. She looked suspicious

So if you too need a little me time, I totally recommend this book & it’s been so nice to support & congratulate @slummysinglemummy on her first novel! Well done lovely!

If you fancy reading yourself – Pick up copy of the book here

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